EHallPass is a cloud based hall pass system developed by Eduspire Solutions LLC on 16th of May, 2019. It aims to improve school security and streamline administrative activities by allowing students and educators to complete various tasks electronically. Educator can request and approve student hall passes, managing working schedules, and track pass usage and access student progress reports through their account.



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Students can register individually through their institution’s hall pass system’s Official Website (EHallPass). Then enter your email and password for logging in using any of third party authentication service. When school students get a digital pass, Schools can gain more visibility and control over student movement with Securly Pass.


To get digital hallpass, Enroll at Official Website of Securly Pass (Formerly EHallPass Login Page) at www.ehallpass.com. Students can Log In via Google Account, Clever, and ClassLink, Microsoft Office 365, or GG4L.. Here are sign steps to any of the third party service for user authentication:


Login : www.ehallpass.com website
Enter their Email (Username) & Password.
Click on the Login button to successfully logged in to dashboard.


Visit Official Website and choose “Login with Google“.
Enter K12 school’s name.
Enter your Google account credentials.
Create your digital pass for leaving the classroom.


Visit the E Hall Pass Website, just click “Login via Official Clever Website”.
Enter your school’s name.
Log in by either scanning your face with a webcam or using your Clever account credentials.
Staff member can log in through Clever using their account credentials.List item


On the www.ehallpass.com Office 365 Log in.
Enter the Office 365 username and password.
Click “Connect” to proceed.


Visit the E Hall Pass website, login via clicking “Connect with ClassLink“.
Enter your modern k12 school’s name.
Login with your Classlink account credentials provided by school or district.
Staff members can log into ClassLink using their account’s credentials.


Visit www.ehallpass.com/login from your browser and select “Sign in with GG4L“.
Enter myPortal username and password.
Click “Sign In” to continue.

After completion of enrollment at Official Website of EHallPass, Student can directly Log In via (any of third party service for user authentication) Google Account, Clever, and ClassLink, Microsoft Office 365 or GG4L.

Once you have signed in EHallPass system, you will get access to the electronic hall passes from K12 schools. This user-friendly interface of EHallPass Website is specifically designed to assist school administrators and staff members in efficiently managing and monitoring student movements & stop unnecessary meet-ups in & around school environment.

EHallPass System Features

The Key Features Offered by E Hall Pass System deals with streamlining school hall pass system online to improve their school student data security, contactless qr codes, and monitoring all other student movements more efficiently, and create organised student statistics digitally.

Secure Data Protection:

EHallPass system keeps student data safe through strong encryption and secure storage on a cloud-based system, protecting against cyber threats and unauthorized access. Students can trust that their information is secure.

Check-In with Auto Check-In PIN

Students can simplify and streamline the check-in process by setting a PIN that enables automatic check-in upon arrival at a school environment, eliminating the need for manual check-ins and enhancing student’s experience.

Instant Notifications

It enhances communication between teachers, parents and students by sending Instant Notifications, Reminders, and Updates about their certain tasks or classroom activities. The Official EHallPass System helps to keep students, schools and parents connected by delivering timely information and facilitating better communication.

Student Volume Tracking:

It provides a student volume tracking feature to monitor the number of school students in a classroom. EHallPass Systems ensures a student privacy data safe and encrypted using cloud system servers to avoid cyber threats & provide comfortable school environment by preventing overcrowding and complying with safety regulations.

Contactless Check-In/Out with QR Codes

Students can now effortlessly use Contactless Check-In/Out QR codes to check in or out of Classrooms, eliminating the need for physical contact. This contactless qr codes ensures safety by decreasing the spreading of infectious diseases in the school premises. It provides a clean and hygienic option for students.

Electronic Restroom Passes:

It facilitates efficient classroom management by offering electronic restroom passes. These restroom passes make it easy for students to request and receive permission from teachers to enter a classroom, reducing disturbances and helping them to stay focused on their learning and Academic Knowledge.

Why Should You Use EHallPass ?

Schools traditionally use paper hall passes, but digital hallpass systems has emerged which can be accessed via web and mobile apps. While digital student information system include configurable e-hallpass auto pass types, teacher dashboards, ID scanners, usage reports, kiosk check-in, and custom branding. With Simple Clicks on your ehallpass mobile application , teachers can access their dashbaord, check usage reports, approval of auto passes, manage the student kiosk checkins.

Time Management: Teachers provide a time management wizard for students to solve their classroom activities juggle classes, assignments, and extracurriculars effortlessly in certain period of time. With stipulated time reminders and organized work schedules, students can lead your academic life in the proper style during the school premises.


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2 thoughts on “EHallPass”

  1. Denver Frederick

    I own a school that is constantly having issues managing hall passes and the best way to manage students in hallways during class to use the restroom / get a drink / etc. Everything we’ve used in my time are physical hall passes that seems very antiquated and I want to pursue getting a digital hall pass. I’ve heard they are pricey and our school doesn’t have the budget. How should I opt for it ?

    1. I totally get where you’re coming from with the hall pass struggles. It’s really awesome that you’re thinking about upgrading to a digital hall pass system—that can definitely make things smoother.

      First off, it might be helpful to gather some data on how much time and resources your current system is eating up. That could help you build a case for the switch. Plus, you can highlight how other schools, like Ballyshannon Middle School in Kentucky and Rockbridge County High School in Virginia, have successfully implemented our digital hallpass system. Good luck—I hope you can make the switch to digital hall passes soon!

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