Solanco school board to implement Digital Hall Pass software system

The board of the School District recently approved a contract with Eduspire Solutions to implement Digital Hall Pass software at Swift and Smith middle schools and Solanco High School.

Background: Currently, students receive agenda books that serve as hall passes and are signed by teachers, making it challenging to track their whereabouts. The new software system will enable teachers to issue hall passes using students’ phones or laptops, eliminating the need for agenda books or paper passes.

Importance: The implementation of the new system will provide administration with real-time information on the number of students out of class and their locations.

Quotable: Principal Scott Long expressed, “We’re very outdated in what we do to track students.”

Cost: The software system will have a total cost of $8,300 for all three years of the contract, which is lower than the annual cost of $8,000-$9,000 for printing agendas.

Next Steps: The license for the software will become effective at the beginning of the new year. Teachers will undergo training on how to use the system, aiming to have it fully operational by spring.

Bocce Team: Solanco High School has launched a new Unified Sports bocce ball team, sponsored by the Special Olympics. Comprising students with disabilities and their regular education partners, the indoor bocce team will participate in Unified Sports events. The Special Olympics covers equipment and provides a stipend for coaches, with transportation to away games being the only cost to the district. The Solanco team, consisting of eight players, has four games scheduled for the season.

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