• Contactless Hall Passes with Social Distancing: Contactless Hall Passes feature enables students without any physical contact, reducing the risk of spreading germs & diseases and keeps the student safe. It promotes social distancing by minimizing the need for face-to-face interactions that enables to safeguard students health.

  • Contactless Hall Passes: Students can easily request Contactless Hall Passes using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for paper passes. Contactless Hall Passes streamlines the process and ensures a more efficient use of time by use of eletronic devices replaced by paper passes.

  • New Social Distancing Tools: The system provides additional tools that help schools enforce social distancing regulations. These social distant tools include features such as limiting passes building-wide and preventing student meet-ups, promoting a safer school environment.

  • Limit Passes Building-Wide: This feature allows school administrators to set limits on the number of hall passes issued at any given time, ensuring that the hallways are not overcrowded and students are not out of class unnecessarily. Establishing a cap on the total number of hall passes that can be used building-wide at any given time. This will help prevent overcrowding in the hallways and reduce the number of students who are out of class without a valid reason.

  • Anti-Vaping Features: Digital HallPass System includes features aimed at preventing vaping incidents, such as alerts for potential vaping hotspots or detection of frequent offenders. These features contribute to maintaining a healthier and more secure school environment. Develop a comprehensive education program that helps students understand the negative impacts of vaping and other harmful behaviors. This approach can help change attitudes and prevent vaping incidents from occurring in the first place, creating a healthier and more secure school environment.

  • Increase Accountability: The system tracks and records all hall pass requests and usage. This accountability feature enables administrators and teachers to monitor student activities and address any concerns or potential issues promptly. Periodically review hall pass requests with students during individual or group meetings. By discussing their hall pass records and usage patterns, students are encouraged to reflect on their behavior and take ownership of their actions. This open dialogue allows for effective communication between school staff and students, promoting responsibility and accountability.

  • Enhance School Security: The System enhances school security by providing administrators with real-time information on students’ whereabouts. EHallPass Integration with school security cameras and other monitoring systems to provide a comprehensive view of student and visitor activities on campus. Administrators can use this data to detect and prevent potential security breaches.

  • Tardy Management Features: The system helps manage tardies by allowing teachers to track and record late arrivals, providing valuable data for analysis and intervention. This feature supports schools in promoting punctuality and minimizing disruption to the learning environment.

  • Limit Passes to Any (bath) Room: This feature allows schools to regulate access to specific facilities, such as bathrooms, by setting limits on the number of passes issued. It helps prevent any misuse or unsupervised gathering in these areas.

  • Time Saver for Teachers and Admins: By automating the hall pass system, teachers and administrators time spent is saved on managing paper passes, tracking student movements, and handling related administrative tasks.

  • “Frequent Flyer” Detector: This feature identifies students who frequently request hall passes, enabling administrators to address any possible underlying issues that may be causing excessive trips outside the classroom, ensuring that student time is spent effectively.

  • Prevent Student Meet-ups: It helps prevent students from gathering or meeting up outside the classroom by limiting pass issuance to specific areas or by implementing geofencing. This feature supports social distancing measures and promotes better adherence to school policies.

  • Easy Implementation: The system is designed to be user-friendly and easily implemented in any school setting. It offers straightforward setup instructions and provides training and support resources to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Free Pilot: Schools have the opportunity to pilot the system free of charge, allowing them to experience the benefits before committing to a full implementation. This feature helps schools make informed decisions and assess the system’s suitability for their needs.
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