In an innovative step to streamline bathroom breaks and school area visits, Irving and Goodrich Middle Schools of Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) are set to implement a digital hall pass system. LPS Superintendent Paul Gausman made the announcement at a recent Board of Education meeting and shared that the system will be integrated into students’ Chromebooks.

Under this new system, students will receive training during the first week back from winter break. They will be allotted two passes per day, enabling them to access restrooms or visit other areas within the school, such as the library, counselor, or nurse’s office. Gausman noted that exceptions could be granted at the discretion of the teacher or through the health office in cases of medical conditions. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, students will be allowed to leave immediately, with the teacher responsible for notifying the front office.

Moreover, Gausman highlighted that teachers will have the ability to generate a pass for a student who may not have their Chromebook at the time. It’s worth noting that the staff at both middle schools has already undergone training for the implementation of this new digital hall pass system, showcasing the proactive measures being taken to ensure a smooth transition for both students and faculty.

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