Lakeside High School implements new electronic hall pass system

Lakeside High Principal Doug Wetherholt has introduced a new electronic system for handling hall passes called SmartPass. This system replaces the traditional method of students requesting permission to leave the classroom by raising their hands, which could disrupt the flow of the lesson. With SmartPass, students can use their digital devices to request and receive permission to leave the classroom.

Wetherholt highlighted the benefits of the SmartPass system, emphasizing its ability to promote efficiency and safety within the school environment. By utilizing this innovative system, students can independently create their own passes, reducing disruptions in the classroom and maintaining the continuity of the educational process.

Through the SmartPass system, Wetherholt and other administrators can monitor whether a student has permission to leave the classroom, visit the guidance department, and ensure they return to class promptly. The system also provides additional benefits:

  • The administration can analyze trends in student departures from class.
  • They can categorize the data by time of day, location, teacher, or student.
  • It helps in identifying and addressing instances of bullying in hallways or restrooms.
  • Wetherholt emphasized that the program provides real-time visibility of hallway activity and limits the number of students in the halls at any given time.

Assistant Principal Sarah Davis highlighted that the heightened oversight offered by the SmartPass system enhances the safety and security of the school, creating a more controlled and monitored campus environment.

Furthermore, plans are underway to organize a presentation where administrators from the area can learn about the SmartPass system and its capabilities.

Overall, the introduction of the SmartPass system at Lakeside High aims to streamline the process of managing student movement while enhancing safety and security within the school environment.

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