Parents concerned over Bangor Twp. Schools hall pass policy

There are concerns among parents in Bangor Township regarding the new hall pass policy implemented by the district. The policy, which started in march, requires students to check-in online using a digital hall pass system from Securly. It restricts students to only 4 bathroom visits a day, and limits the number of students allowed in the hall to 10 at a time.

Brandon Duvall, a parent of an eighth-grade student at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, expressed worries about the new system. He believes that it invades students’ privacy and makes them feel like they are in a prison, despite his daughter having a good academic record with no disciplinary issues. Additionally, Duvall mentioned that the system complicates things for teachers as they still have to approve each student’s departure from the classroom.

While Superintendent Matt Schmidt was not available for an interview, he mentioned in an email that the system is in the early stages of implementation, and adjustments will be made if necessary. Schmidt emphasized that the system enhances school safety by better tracking students and maximizing classroom time.

However, Duvall remains unconvinced, suggesting that there are better ways to ensure students’ safety without resorting to this strict system. He voiced concerns that conflicts between students could still occur regardless of the new policy.

If the district continues with the current system, Duvall may consider transferring his daughter to a different high school for the upcoming year, as he believes this issue is significant for many parents in the community.

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